Mix and Fix Word Work

CVC word work just got A LOT more fun! This is especially helpful with students working on IEP goals and objectives focused on literacy, phonics, and decoding. Boom Cards makes it easy for small groups, independent centers, and progress monitoring!

Fall Sensory Bins

Looking for new hands-on centers and sensory play for fall? I've been looking for more ways to incorporate sensory play…in an appropriate way…into our standards-based

Positive Behavior Charts

My thoughts on using positive behavior charts to support individual students in our classroom. Be sure to download your free superhero chart!

Fact Fluency for Math

Teaching math includes so much more than practicing basic math facts and it can be tricky to fit it all in. Here's a solution to

Deep Breathing Visuals

Do we really need visuals for deep breathing? The answer is YES! Add these dandelion “touch and count” to your classroom calming corner.

Intervention Strategies

Have you ever been in a conversation like this? As special educators, students are often referred to us, especially near the beginning of the school year. Here's an intervention strategy kit designed to help both the student AND teacher.

IEP Meeting Help!

Feeling nervous about the next IEP meeting? You have so much to say, but once the meeting starts, the nerves kick in. I totally understand because I've been there. Here's some tips to try out before the big day!

Data Folder Organization

Special Educators – Do you use file folders for data collection? These mix and match organization tools will help keep you organized!

Resource Room Set-Up

What's the most important considerations when setting up a resource room? Here's my thoughts on keeping the focus on learning!

Planners for Special Educators

Special educators need a planner made just for them! From IEP meetings to small group planning, these pages will help you stay organized during the school year.

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I’m Jennifer and I was a special educator in the elementary school setting over the past decade. I entered the classroom every day dedicated to making learning inclusive AND engaging.

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