Setting Up a Sensory Walk Path

Have you been thinking of setting up a sensory walk path, but not sure where to start? Learn from my teaching mistakes, plus tips to add more movement breaks to your classroom!

Phonemic Awareness Activities

Word Lists make it so much easier for reading teachers to fit in daily phonemic awareness activities. These literacy tasks are organized for every day of the school year!

Google Forms for Data Collection

Use Google Forms Quizzes for data collection! Use each self-grading quiz to track progress with IEP goals and objectives or assign to be completely independently. These student-friendly quizzes are self-grading so your data will be recorded for you!

Test Prep in the Resource Room

Planning and organization tips for successful test prep in the resource room setting! Students will be ready to show what they know on the NWEA MAP assessment

5 Test Prep Steps for Students

Please note that as I share what test prep steps look like, I'm speaking from my experience working with K-2 students. So many feelings come

Goal Setting with Students

Free goal setting with your Goal-Getters! This is a complete class set of goal setting sheets for K-2 students. There are two formats to support your early writers and 30 “students” to choose from!

Fire Safety Week Activities

Fire Safety Week activities and books for the resource room setting – learn how we keep the focus on our goals all week long!

Better Data Collection

Data Collection is such a big part of our roles as special educators – why didn't we spend more time learning about this in college? It seems like we had to figure it out what works best on our own – until now! This free 5-day email series provides tips and trackers (digital & paper) to help you get ahead of data collection this school year.

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I’m Jennifer and I was a special educator in the elementary school setting over the past decade. I entered the classroom every day dedicated to making learning inclusive AND engaging.

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