Happy 100th Day of School!

Before you read much farther, I have some sad, sad news…

Our first grade team doesn't celebrate the 100th day of school!

Does your school designate special activities and celebrations to honor 100 days of learning?

Maybe we skip it because it's already feels SO busy with many special days and “interruptions” to our routine, like snow days.

I still don't think that's any reason to move forward without acknowledging the 100th day…couldn't we fit it in with what's going on around us?

100 groundhogs? 100 snowflakes? 100 tissues?!?

But seriously, I never want to miss a teachable moment and a chance to sprinkle some joy into learning. Every year I reach for these read aloud favorites and add counting to our Guided Reading (reading intervention) lessons!

I worked with first graders who were receiving intervention or had specific IEP goals for early literacy. In the winter, many of my students are reading at the equivalent of an instructional Level D. Most of the year, I pull from Leveled Literacy Intervention (Fountas and Pinnell), but I also supplement when appropriate with leveled readers from Reading A-Z (subscription service).

Reading A-Z has a student-friendly book that I've used every single year! The focus is on counting with predictable text and photographs to support comprehension. This book is called I Can Count 100 Things by Cecelia Maeson and it is definitely a student favorite!

I created a free download featuring story vocabulary (two formats) and a quick compound word picture-to-text match.

These word work visuals are perfect for my small groups – you can download them for FREE here! 

If you students are independently reading at Level D or slightly above, these materials can also be moved to a literacy center (Daily 5's Word Work). I'd love to hear more ideas about how you will incorporate the vocabulary cards and compound word sets!

Happy 100th Day!

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