Do you need to create an I.E.P. Snapshot after every I.E.P. meeting?

I.E.P. Paperwork…it’s a lot. If you’re a special education teacher like me, you may actually feel pretty pumped up about reading a 28+ page document full of information. However, I’ve learned through the years, that not everyone feels the same way. An IEP Snapshot can help deliver the information we all need in record time.

What is an I.E.P. Snapshot Page?

An I.E.P. “at a glance” Snapshot is an one-page summary of a student's I.E.P. The purpose of the snapshot is to make all important information on the I.E.P. accessible.

What does an I.E.P. Snapshot Include?

Student Information

  • name, age/date of birth/grade, disability code
  • contact information
  • IEP dates (start/finish)

Special Education Services

  • Service area, service providers, time (i.e.: minutes/hours/days per week)


  • IEP Goal areas, specific goals, objectives (may use abbreviated language), dates
  • May also include method of data collection

Accommodations and/or Modifications (if applicable)

  • Very helpful if this information is organized in a checklist or chart

Supplementary Aids and Services and Additional Information

  • Allergies/Medical information
  • Behavior Intervention Plan (if applicable)
  • Motivators/identified reinforcers
  • Student Strengths

Do I really need to create an I.E.P. Snapshot?


An I.E.P. Snapshot does not replace the I.E.P. – it's only an ONE page summary of a lengthy legal document. You can't have one or the other.

Everyone working directly with the child needs to have access to the full-length Individualized Education Plan.

I think I.E.P. “at a glance” snapshots are REALLY helpful in accessing information quickly. There are many templates out there or you could quickly create your own.

Be careful not to get into a quick “cut and paste” assembly mode. While an editable template is very helpful in providing a consistent form, you may need to customize the snapshot to meet specific student needs.

I find the process of combing through the I.E.P. in order to organize the information into one page (that's really not a lot of room!) deepens my understanding and establishes the “big picture” of how the I.E.P. helps the child.

One last important piece of information – although an I.E.P. snapshot can look like an awesome resource to keep on your clipboard for a quick look and easy reference, it is still a confidential document.

(I know you know this, but I've seen some awfully cute snapshots left on the copier before!)

If you'd like a time-saving template to create I.E.P. at a glance pages, there are editable versions in the Special Educators Resource Room bundle:

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