Ready to dive into task boxes and have NO idea where to begin? From start to finish, this blog post will walk through everything you need to get know about using task boxes to increase student independence and engagement in the special education classroom setting. 

Throughout the post, you'll see links to Special Educators Resource Room Podcast by Jennifer DeBrosse. Use these links as a guide to your very own professional development course on using independent work task boxes. Have fun! 

The Power of Task Boxes

Task boxes are a fantastic addition to any special education teacher's tookbox! They're not just about keeping students busy; they're about fostering important life skills, fine motor skills, and providing a structured environment for learning. 

Still on the fence about task boxes? This podcast episode highlights the effectiveness of task boxes in promoting independent work tasks and systems, crucial for both student development and efficient classroom management. 

How To Choose the Right Task Boxes for Your Students

There's SO many choices, it's understandable that special educators may be feeling overwhelmed. There are several options including aligning with IEP goals and objectives. If the idea of choosing the right tasks to meet your students' need is keeping you from getting started, the tips in this task box podcast episode are for you:

It Looks Like A LOT of Teacher Prep, Am I Right?

Yes, the prep time is real. Task boxes tend to be bite-size quick wins for students vs. an independent center designed for an entire class. While that's actually one of the main reasons task boxes are so easy to differentiate to provide exactly what your students need, it does amount to a task box library that grows quickly. What's a busy special education teacher to do? One idea is to get more out of these prepared tasks and include them in your small group instruction. Not sure how? Take a listen to this task box podcast episode as I walk through using task boxes from the very beginning of your lesson plan all the way to independent practice and assessment:

Interested in Exploring Task Boxes in Your Classroom? 

Hopefully you've paused and listened to each task box podcast episode (or at least saved for your next listening session!). If you're feeling excited about incorporating independent work systems in your classroom, here's your next action steps:

  • Task Box Dollar Club –  A budget-friendly approach to building your task box library with fresh and exciting content. New sets are added every month – say goodbye to hunting online for sets!
  • Task Box Set-Up Visuals – Organization is simple with a focus on accessiblility for even our youngest students. Visual aids are already included in the Task Box Dollar Club and this podcast episode walks you through which ones you need to use task box activities effectively: 
  • Special Educators Resource Room by Jennifer DeBrosse –  Each episode features “real talk” for special educators,  covering everything from the basics of setting up a task box system to more advanced strategies for data collection and classroom management. The podcast doesn’t just tell; it shows. It brings in real-life experiences, engagement strategies, and important topics relevant to every special educator.
  • Start Small – Begin with a few task box activities and observe how your students respond. Customize as you learn what works best for your class.

Task boxes aren’t just another item on your to-do list; they're a game-changer in our special ed classrooms. Thanks to the insights from the Special Educators Resource Room Podcast, you're now equipped to enhance your teaching and the lives of your students with these amazing tools. Dive into the world of task boxes and watch students thrive!”

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