Visuals for deep breathing?

Isn't that something we already know how to do?

Yes… and no.

Yes, we know how to take deep breaths, but that doesn't mean we all couldn't use a little help.

Think of all the visuals we encounter in our daily interactions: stop signs, captions in our favorite shows, text features as we skim the latest news on our phones…

We probably don't need any of those visuals – meaning we could still go about our lives without them, but they certainly make things feel easier.

How to Use Deep Breathing Visuals

These visual cue cards are a helpful addition to a calming corner – a quiet space to take a break in the classroom or at home.

The deep breathing cards feature a dandelion image and cues to take five deep breaths. Students can touch and count while slowly counting backwards as they take calming breaths.

Calming visuals are often more effective when they are introduced before they are needed.

This could look like a mini-lesson featuring a read aloud story, introducing the cue cards, and practice taking deep breaths. Modeling and role-playing will help secure these “calm down” skills so they are ready when we need them!

Calming Strategies – Read Aloud Book Suggestions

There are so many great read aloud books that feature beloved characters experiencing stressful situations we all can relate to. Here are some of our first grade classroom favorities:

  • When Sophie Gets Angry, Really Really Angry by Molly Bang
  • Little Monkey Calms Down by Michael Dahl
  • Roaring Mad Riley by Allison Szczecinski

Imagine your young students “coaching” Sophie or Riley to use deep breathing cue cards to help them calm down!

Deep Breathing Visuals Kit

Here's what's included in Dandelion Deep Breathing:

  • Deep Breaths Mini-Posters– students can use these cards in a calm down corner as a reference to take five deep calming breaths.
  • Deep Breaths Individual Visuals – students can use their own reference cue card with dandelion visuals
  • Deep Breaths Token Board – adapted visuals for students to use to support five deep breaths
  • 5 Deep Breaths Touch Points – individual student visuals counting backwards from 5 to 1
  • Calming Breath Cue Cards – two formats for individual and small group use and to display in classroom calming corner.

Are you ready for a classroom full of dandelions? Take a closer look here:

I can't wait to hear how these strategies support your students!

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