A classroom management tip based on a piece of tape?

A classroom management tip using ZEBRA tape, more specifically šŸ˜‰

Okay, you probably can't manage the entire class with tape, but I have had major success in helping students stay focused on tasks with this magical tool!

The pictures in this post show how simple it is:

Positively Learning Blog Classroom Management Hack

Classroom Tip – Every year, I place one long line of zebra duct tape near the door of my intervention room.  This line serves as a visual for lining up for entering and leaving the room AND so much more…

It's also the perfect place to play movement games that help us practice our literacy learning, such as Around the World and Red Light, Green Light.

I also place smaller pieces (with my students' input) on the floor:

Positively Learning Blog Classroom Management Hack

After everyone chooses their own zebra “spot,” we practice moving to and from it. Lots of role playing – make it fun! – and communicating expectations. My students are responsible for their own actions, plus taking care of their new tape spot.

Another quick classroom tip:

I have my students choose their “just right” spot and we practice several times how to swiftly (and safely) move to these spots. We use these areas for any type of exercise movement where we need a bit more more, plus it can mark our spots for relaxing with a good book during independent reading.

Don't worry – my students can choose a fun way to sit (I don't make them sit on the cold floor!):

Positively Learning Blog Classroom Management Hack

Would this management tip work in your classroom?

I'd love to hear YOUR ideas!

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