A Teacher Toolbox…for your students!


Have you seen the Teacher Toolbox?

Most likely you have…it's been a DIY project that I first learned about in 2012-ish and has only gained in popularity the past few years.

I quickly made my own teacher toolbox and LOVED having my “everyday materials” accessible at my fingertips, plus it looked great in my classroom!

Every year I tweaked it a bit with updated labels, as well as updated colors. This past year, I even created several classroom decor sets that include labels to customize your own teacher toolbox.

Along the way I discovered something important…

My students loved the toolbox as much I did…maybe even more!

They always wanted to “help” me out by getting out or putting away supplies. There's something about all those little drawers, lol!

Never one to let a moment of student engagement slip away, I brainstormed how I can create a toolbox just for my students. Even better than an organizational tool, I wanted to create materials that will support their learning and increase the independence (through accessibility).

Check it out:

Student Toolbox Learning Centers can be easily switched to differentiate for your students! From Positively Learning
Mix and match center activities with the bundle!
A Teacher Toolbox, for student centers! Keep hands-on materials and task cards organized all in one place! From Positively Learning
A closer look at the toolbox “map”
Hands-on learning and task cards organized in the toolbox learning center! From Positively Learning
Peek inside a Toolbox Learning Center!

So far, there are five different Toolbox Learning centers…with many more on the way! Grab all of them in my new “Everything” Bundle here.

This money-saving bundle will include all toolboxes (present and upcoming), but the price will increase as more are added.


Looking for more ideas for your teacher toolbox?

Check out this blogpost! 


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I’m Jennifer and I was a special educator in the elementary school setting over the past decade. I entered the classroom every day dedicated to making learning inclusive AND engaging.

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