Student privacy folders because everyone needs a little privacy sometimes…even first graders!

At my school, classroom teachers use these wonderful sturdy blue study carrels when students are taking interim assessments.

Students LOVE having their own space, plus there are always some “peekers” in the group who are a bit curious to what other students are writing.

As a traveling special educator, it feels like 50% of my classroom time is spent assessing. I may be in the general education classroom, Spanish enrichment (those assessments are tough!), and so.

I didn't receive any study carrel folders, so I had to improvise and make my own student privacy folders:

It's a very simple set-up – 2 file folders stapled together with some motivating message.

Not picture, but highly recommend – add some decorative washi or duct tape on the edges to cover any of the staples from little hands.

I wanted to add the motivational slogans because some of my students just don't love tests (who really does?). I chose the basic school-themed graphics to be engaging, yet not as distracting as SpongeBob or Batman (live and learn).

Idea – download these free printables on white copy paper and have your students show off their art skills!

My favorite file folders are the simple Amazon Basics brand. They come in solid colors (not distracting) and are pretty sturdy for the price.

Please don't be me – check the quality of some of those ADORABLE file folders you'll may see in a dollar section of a favorite store. I've purchased some that are just too thin to create a stand-up privacy folder.

Add these student privacy folders to homework sessions, testing...anytime our students crave a little "me" time! Free DIY project from Positively Learning.

If your students are craving privacy during center time, too – check out these INDIVIDUAL writing lists! A very special group of students helped me grow as an educator. I had to quickly learn all these tricks to provide them space!

I'd love to see pictures of how your folders turn out!

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I’m Jennifer and I was a special educator in the elementary school setting over the past decade. I entered the classroom every day dedicated to making learning inclusive AND engaging.

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