This math idea offers a “twist” on traditional instruction as students get up and Solve the Room!

There are so many different ways to use math centers – modeling with a small group, using the materials to support instruction, and my all-time favorite…having students work in pairs at a center. 

What is Solve the Room?

Solve the room combines math learning with movement! 

Students will travel to each math task card, solve the problem, record their answers on a provided recording sheet, and then move to the next task!

Solve the Room - Set-Up

This may be the BEST news of all! Solve the Room is one of the easiest centers to set-up and store for future use. 

Here's exactly what you'll need:

  1. Choose the math task (differentiation is REALLY easy with “mix and match” sets)
  2.  Print and cut out the task cards 
  3. Arrange the task cards around the classroom – they can be placed on different desk surfaces, or even a window sill. Our personal favorite is carpet spots!
  4. Copy the recording page (1 sheet per partner-pair). A fun option is to add clipboards!

Clean-up is just as simple – gather up math task cards in a plastic storage box, file folder, or small plastic bag. 

No Time for Travel? No Problem!

Teachers sure are a creative bunch! Here are just a few solutions if traveling around the room does NOT seem like a great idea.

“Very cute! My K kids liked reaching into the bag to see what card they got. They recorded the problem and answer (they used counters to help them). Thanks!” – I love the bag idea! 

“I used this for a shape sort whole group and in centers I love it :)” – Sorting activities are ALWAYS a good idea whether in whole group, small groups, or centers

“Just the name alone will be exciting for my kids. They love to pretend to be detectives and solve problems. I may even use magnifying glasses and hats and make my house center a shape detective agency….” Magnifying glasses?!? Yes, please!

Solve the Room - Next Steps

Your only next step is to choose the math topic! Each set can be used on it's own or mix and match – great for test prep.

Solve the Room is available in these individual sets or save with the bundle:

Each set includes math task cards, directions, recording pages, and math celebration bracelets!

Imagine…all your math centers prepped and ready for the entire year!

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