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If you are looking for a sight word packet featuring practice pages that take you through 34 weeks of high frequency words, leap to the end of this post to grab it!


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For the first few years I was at my school, we implemented a rigorous sight word program for each grade level. We followed Dr. Fry’s word list and assigned six new words per week. The program lasted 34 weeks with a few weeks at the end of the school year for review.

Weekly packets were sent home with a designated practice routine for each day. Our families were on board and many saved the flashcards for the entire year.

As the special educator on the team, I offered a differentiated homework packet for our first grade families who requested it.  General educators also have the discretion to offer this alternative differentiated packet to students who may be struggling with motivation and/or not receiving homework support at home.

(P.S.: homework was a non-negotiable at our school)

One important aspect of this packet was staying on a sight word routine. Students didn't have to relearn new directions every day when completing a new page style. This helped keep their focus (and increased independence) on their practice.

Routine can always get a little bit…ahem, “stale” but it also means that consistent sight practice could be done in just a few minutes a day. 

If you are looking for resources using a systematic approach to mastering high frequency sight words, please grab your packet below!

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