Visual Timers for Behavior Support

Behavior Visual Cards – many students benefit from using timers and visuals. Here's a combination of both!


Visual Timers for Behavior Support


Your students benefit from a visual cue before a transition, BUT technology can sometimes be way too distracting. What can you do? Add this set of visual timers to your classroom or learning space!

These student visuals are designed as an alternative to a physical timer (sometimes those inconveniently break!) or phone/computer (digital screens can be distracting).

The visual timer cards can be used for SO many purposes, including:

  • Picture schedules – add to a pocket chart!
  • Add to a book ring for students to hold as they are waiting.
  • Use with a “First, Then” chart to support transition from non-preferred to preferred activity.
  • Calming Corner – add visual timers for cues.

There are color and black/white ink friendly options included”

  • Elapsed Time – Visual Analog (12 cards)
  • Elapsed Time – Visual Analog with minutes (12 cards)
  • Elapsed Time – Sand Timers (2 formats)
  • Visual Timer Cards – laminate and use with dry erase marker
  • First, Then Visuals with Timers – small group/individual format
  • Extra Visual Timers Cards in color and b/w


PLEASE NOTE: this set of positive behavior supports are included in the Special Educators Resource Room Bundle. If you own the bundle, do NOT purchase – you already have it!


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