Chill Skills Calming Strategies

Chill skills are calming strategy visuals that support students when they need a break. Create a calming corner with these student-friendly support materials.


Chill Skills Calming Strategies


Cool Down Calming Strategy Cards and Resources

Support students who are struggling with strong feelings and behaviors in the classroom.

This packet includes the support materials, plus tips, to create your own cool down spot in your classroom.

Included are 15 Chill Skill simple strategies that even your youngest students can be successful at independently. Visual cues are included  using clipart your students can connect to!

Included in Chill Skill Calming Strategies:

  • 36 feelings cards with pictures and text
  • 15 Emoji cards with feelings (no text)
  • 15 Chill Skill strategies with visual cues
  • Reflection pages (half page size) to include in your cool down spot, plus “clip strips” feelings cards for students to express their feelings

I have been using this “blue box” strategy for many years in both the resource room and general education setting. This successful approach has even been included in student 504 plans and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP).

My intention on providing this resource for my students is to have them feel in control of their strong feelings, have a supportive outlet when they need a break, and remain in the classroom.

I hope your students will benefit from using these Chill Skills calming strategies as much as mine have.

Friendly Feedback for Chill Skill Calming Strategies:

“This will be very helpful for students who can't always articulate how they feel and what they need. Thanks!”

“This resource has great ideas for calming activities which I will be using with my students!”

“This will be a very helpful resource when teaching my students how to deal with their emotions. Thank you!”

“This resource has a variety of visuals to support their social/emotional growth and coping skills.”


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