Paraprofessional Training Course for Special Educators

Ready to stop tip-toeing around support staff? This paraprofessional course and training handbook gets everyone on the same page quickly!


Paraprofessional Training Course for Special Educators


Are you a special educator working with paraprofessionals and support staff? This mini course has all the support you need to set up a positive partnership! The Positive Paraprofessional Partnership is a mini course made of videos, workbook, and ready-to-go printables.

Inside Positive Paraprofessional Partnerships, you'll get everything you need to create a paraprofessional training model that works so you can stop tip-toeing around staff and start teaching again.

The course mission is to help special educators provide training so their classroom staff is an integral part of a positive classroom environment. This training course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively alongside support staff. You will learn how to create a positive and inclusive classroom environment, and guide staff with instructional and behavior strategies, professional expectations and classroom duties, and so much more.

This video and workbook course is ALREADY INCLUDED in this bundle:

Special Educators Resource Room Bundle


You have two options:

  • Continue doing more work because it feels harder to have support staff do it the way it needs to be done…
  • Or… finally put a system in place with a proven track record for supporting students and staff in a harmonious classroom setting

The mini course is self-paced – you can finish it in one weekend, stretch out one module per week, or whatever works for you!

Positive Paraprofessional Partnerships Mini-Course – Includes:

  • There are six modules with 4-5 mini-lessons in each module.
  • Topics include: mindset, setting up classroom non-negotiables (expectations, duties), genuine conversations, scheduling, goal setting, data collection, paraprofessional surveys, paraprofessional appreciation, and so much more.
  • The lessons include short video clips and corresponding workbook pages.
  • A full paraprofessional training binder is also included in this course!

This course is already included in the Special Educators Resource Room Bundle – please don't purchase this if you're planning on buying the bundle.

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