Paraprofessional Training Manual

Paraprofessional Training Binder full of ready-to-go printables PLUS guidance and tips on supporting staff in your classroom. Here's to your most successful school year yet!



A Paraprofessional Training Binder designed to support staff working closely in your special education classroom.

If you're looking for a resource to help support your special education paraprofessionals, this Paraprofessional Training Binder is perfect! It's packed with information and tools to help set them up for success in the classroom. Topics include an overview of the special education process, working with students with disabilities, behavior management strategies, and more. Plus, there are handy checklists and forms to help keep everything organized. Whether you're a new paraprofessional or have years of experience, this binder will be a valuable resource.

  • Confidentiality
  • Crisis/Response Protocols
  • Paraprofessional Surveys
  • Professional Expectations
  • Classroom Duties
  • Contact List
  • Communication Log
  • Data Collection
  • Prompt Hierarchy
  • Professional Evaluation
  • Student Caseload
  • Sensory Considerations
  • Special Education Acronyms
  • Professional Development Meeting Notes
And so much more!
NOTE: This support resource is already included in the Special Educators Resource Room bundle. If you already own it (or planning to purchase), please do not purchase – you will already have access to it!
IMPORTANT UPDATE – this complete training binder is already included in the Positive Paraprofessional Partnerships
  • Paraprofessional Resources – Start Here – this is the huge file with all of the resources in one place for easy access
  • Paraprofessional Ready to Go – this file contains all the printables that are ready to print and be assembled in a paraprofessional training binder
  • Paraprofessional Resource Templates – this is a secured PowerPoint with pages that are ready to be edited. Add or delete text boxes to customize for your classroom


Paraprofessional Training Binder

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Paraprofessional Training Binder Preview

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