Behavior Visuals for Lanyards

Positive behavior support on the go with 90 visuals. Sized to use with lanyards – perfect for special educators and paraprofessionals!


Behavior Visuals for Lanyards


Need quick behavior support on the go?

Over 85 behavior visuals are ready for your lanyards and small groups! This would be a great support tool for special educators and paraprofessionals to use throughout the day.

No lanyard? No worries!

Display these visuals in a pocket chart, hole punch them to store on a ring, or just select individual cards as needed.

Each picture card is approximately 3.5″ by 2.2″ and a link to the lanyard I use is included in the directions.

Here are the visuals included – please note: most graphics are in full-color and do not include text. This was intentional to keep commands open-ended in case you needed to customize.

Lanyard Learning – Behavior Visuals Include:

  • Countdown (5 to 1, 3, 2, 1)
  • Walk
  • Ask question
  • Excuse me
  • Deep breaths
  • Calm
  • Thumbs up/down
  • Focus
  • Stand
  • Sit
  • Raise hand/participate
  • Stop, wait, go
  • Pause/hold
  • First, then
  • First, Next, Last
  • Think
  • Wash hands/soap
  • Toilet/flush
  • Trash
  • My turn/your turn
  • Talk/use your voice
  • Safe hands, safe feet
  • Good idea/good job
  • Mute
  • Now (clock)
  • (Go to) door
  • Chair/sit down
  • (Go to) desk/table
  • Technology
  • (Go to) carpet
  • Don’t/stop
  • Want
  • What?
  • (Come) here
  • I need a break
  • Stop/break
  • Go/break over

Several options are included more than once for variety/preference.

NOTE: This support resource is already included in the Special Educators Resource Room bundle. If you already own it (or planning to purchase), please do not purchase – you will already have access to it!



FIVE – Star Feedback:

“These came in handy. We each wore one and I also left a few hanging by the door for our visitors.”

“These are so helpful! I like the size for portability. Thanks!”

“These helped me not have to reinvent the wheel for cards to hang on my lanyard to use with my students with autism. They were so easy and quick to print, laminate and use.”

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Behavior Visuals Preview

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