Whether it's Back to School or you're halfway through the school year. these organization tips for the special education classroom are here to help!

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This blogpost has organization tips for the special education setting taken from a podcast interview. I was honored to be a guest on Be the Exception with Dawn Ellis of Cultivating Exceptional Minds (Episode 46).

Although I definitely don't want to send you away, I do recommend listening to the podcast – it feels so much easier to “tell” rather than “show” (or in this case, type). There's a lot of information in less than 25 minutes!

Data Collection

This is probably the number one conversation topic I'm asked about!

First off, there's always the age-old debate – paper or digital?

I've asked this question over on Instagram several times now and the answers are always split!

The conclusion is that there's no perfect system out there – no “unicorn” data collection system that's going to make it all easier.

In the podcast conversation, I recommend taking a quick inventory of what IS going well in your classroom and trying to incorporate a system that goes with that. For example, are you always losing papers BUT never without your phone? Then I highly recommend looking into a digital data collection system.

Do you love paper-based systems, but struggle with finding the right data tracking page at the right time? That's okay! Simply make copies of the system you ARE using and place those pages EVERYWHERE. Are there sections that can be prepopulated before you run it through the copier? That will definitely save you time!

In summary, this is not a time for perfection, but instead use what's already working for you and try to automate as much as possible!

In the podcast, I mention the data collection forms I've created and made available. You can find them in the huge Special Educators Resource Room bundle (check it out HERE).

Included in the bundle is this Special Educators Data Bundle that combines paper AND digital:

The rest of the podcast is sharing a bit of my journey with getting organized as a special educator and how listening to my energy levels helped me through stressful times at school.

I can't wait to hear what you think!

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I’m Jennifer and I was a special educator in the elementary school setting over the past decade. I entered the classroom every day dedicated to making learning inclusive AND engaging.

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