If you're looking for a great way to help your special education students with task completion, independent work skills, and fine motor skills – task cards or boxes may be just what you need.

Tasks cards and boxes can be a great way to help your special education students perfect the skills they need for success!

Task boxes are a versatile tool that can be used in many different ways, from accommodation for students with special needs to providing fun activities during independent time. Students love using task cards because they provide challenges and incentives while also developing concentration skills!

Here's SIX reasons why you should start using task boxes in your resource classroom today: 

  • Reason 1: Independent work stations or task boxes are a great way to provide students with independent, hands-on practice of the skills they are working on.
  • Reason 2: Task boxes can be easily differentiated to meet the needs of all learners in your classroom.
  • Reason 3: Using task boxes is a great way to promote fine motor skills development and a variety of skills, including problem-solving abilities.
  • Reason 4:  Independent work stations or task boxes can help students to develop a sense of pride and ownership in their work.
  • Reason 4: Low Prep! Task boxes provide teachers with an easy way to keep track of their student's progress, which saves them from having hours worth paper work or spending too much time scrolling through data sheets all day.
  • Reason 6:  Task boxes are just plain fun!  Students often enjoy working on task cards or boxes because they are independent and can choose which task they want to work on next.

Task boxes are a fun way to engage students while challenging them at the same time.

Task Cards and Boxes: A Great Way to Help Your Students Succeed

How to use task boxes in your special education classroom:

There are lots of ways to use work boxes as an independent work station in your classroom. One way is by dividing students up into small groups and having each group rotate through different stations throughout the day, like an activity where they get some time on their own without any assistance from their peers at all!

You can also set up independent work stations during center time or as an early finisher activity (especially helpful as a special education teacher during assessment time!).

Don't forget that you can also use task cards or boxes as a way for students to earn points or rewards!

What can task boxes be used for in the special education classroom?

Task boxes are a great way for students with special needs to demonstrate understanding of what they have learned.Task card sets can be used as assessments, specific interventions, and independent station activities.

what task boxes can help your students with

Additional ideas for incorporating a task box system:

  • Progress monitoring, i.e.: IEP goals and objectives (fact fluency, decoding skills, following 3-step directions)
  • Independent work task boxes can be used for basic skills practice (maintenance)
  • Following direction tasks or listening comprehension task cards.
  • Vocational skills and work tasks like matching, categorizing, and sorting.

Task boxes are a great way to engage students with different tasks at all grade levels. An independent work system using task boxes engages your students while saving you instructional time.

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