Healthy teacher tips to kick off the new year!

I'm happy to share my tried and true healthy teacher tips to kick off the fresh new start to the year.

After a glorious week in the sunshine, my mind and body is actually craving the structure of the school schedule (I CAN'T believe I'm saying this!). While I'm pretty sure I could adjust to a more flexible schedule, the reality is that we return to school TOMORROW!

Our plane touched down on Saturday and we spent the past 36 hours getting everything in order (unpacking! laundry! grocery shopping!) for a healthy start to the teacher work week.

One thing I continue to do and definitely helps me adjust to the work week is meal preparation.

Actually, this step is the easiest because it's already done AND delicious. PLUS money-saving. Win-Win.

I wrote extensively about this healthy teacher hack during back-to-school season and it still holds true today…


It's also important to incorporate some MOVEMENT during the school day. We know how much it positively impacts our students, so why not brain breaks for teachers, too?

I gathered my healthy teacher ideas and create a new packet featuring my tried and true exercise plan DURING the school day (during? YES)!

Here's a compilation of all the exercise tips I've been following in the classroom for years.

Quick and easy (think of them as brain breaks for both you and your students)!

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