Have you tried using Google Forms for data collection in your classroom?

I feel like I may be the last one to figure this out and now I want EVERYONE to see how easy it is!

Google Forms isn't exactly new. You may have had a form shared with you for a survey or other data tracking. It's incredibly useful because it's easy to collaborate with other team members.

Now it's time to bring this magic to your own classroom with your students!

Google Form Quizzes are Self-Grading

Self. Grading.

Just let that sink in for a minute.

Yes, it's true! Students can answer questions directly on the form that's collecting data for you.

That's pretty much magic!

Google Form Quizzes Can Be Student Friendly

This is the REALLY exciting part – Google Forms don't have to be dry and boring. Using graphics and bit of color-coding, these quizzes can look and feel engaging for even our youngest learners!

Check out K-2 Google Quizzes for Phonics:

How to Use Google Quizzes in the Classroom

Set up the quizzes as a center whether you're working with math or literacy groups. Students will answer the 10 questions targeting a focused skill, just like if they were using any other technology. The biggest difference is the DATA you can collect when they're done!

In addition to centers, you could share the link for students to complete at home (online learning) or use the quizzes whenever you're progress monitoring.

Ready to learn more?

Check out this information page from the Google Quizzes Preview in my Teachers Pay Teachers store:

Is there another K-2 skills area you'd like for Google Quizzes?

Please hit reply and let me know!

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