Looking for Earth Day ideas for your classroom?

Me, too! (just kidding)

Actually, Earth Day does seem to sneak up on us during this very busy season.

As special educators, we often don't have extra instructional time devoted to themes or holidays. This means we have to be pretty creative to sneak them in with our core content.

Earth Day feels much easier because technically, everyday is Earth Day!

Earth Day Read Aloud Books

The holiday serves has a good reminder to emphasis how important it is to take care of where we live.

We usually kick off the discussion with announcing “Everyday is Earth Day” and what that means to us:

  • What does it look like to take care of our Earth?
  • What does it feel like to take care of the world and the people in it?
  • Why is it important to care for our space?

Next, we develop a frame of reference on why taking care of our planet is so important. A great way to do this is through favorite read alouds. These may be books you ALREADY have!

Check out our favorite read alouds here!

My role is help my students continue the conversation and develop connections using themed products throughout the month (and beyond).

Earth Day – Theme Ideas 🌎

We stay focused on our everyday learning, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the theme:

Students visit the “Work on Writing” center station everyday. This month, we'll be adding our Earth Day picture-word bank! Check out all 60 writing lists HERE.

Sight Word Practice is part of our everyday routine. This “Read and Find” sight word card game makes learning fun together and the set includes themes to last all year long, including an Earth Day recycle theme. Ready to play? Check out this game HERE.

Earth Day even makes an appearance in our hands-on math learning! We practice number bonds all year and these centers make it easy to sneak in some holiday fun, too. Those adorable Earth mini-erasers (thank you Target!) are the perfect addition! Check out the Number Bonds Center Activities HERE.

Which Earth Day ideas will you try out first in your classroom?

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