What emotion does that word immediately conjure? (be honest!)

For me, I personally feel a sense of excitement. A bit like when you are starting a puzzle that you're pretty sure you're going to rock, lol.

BUT I can definitely empathize with anyone who felt a sense of pressure and overwhelm. After all, there are times we could differentiate 29 different ways (or as many as the students in your classroom!).

I want to share one of favorite ways to meet a variety of needs, but first I want to describe what a”typical” school day looked like for me.

As a special educator, I taught the majority of the day in an inclusion first grade classroom.

Differentiation was definitely necessary for about 99% of our day!

There were times we were practicing sight words (new words every week!), however, I had students still learning their letters. Or maybe they were demonstrating mastery with short vowels, but now we're onto that pesky Silent E.

Does this sound familiar?

Regardless of where my students were at and were the curriculum told us they were “supposed” to be, all of my students were making progress. It was just at their own pace as they moved along the continuum.

I was definitely not going to have them experience any feelings of defeat when they were working so hard!

So I created these cards. And then I created more.

And even more!

Why? My students LOVED them! In fact, they chose the themes – that's how I ended up with SO many, lol.

I personally love prepping the game once and having multiple levels READY to go!

Here's the literacy continuum most of my students follow:

The Blast Games feature cards that cover ALL of these. You simply print the deck once and then choose which cards meet your students' needs!

Your students may think it's a game to reward their effort during instruction, but you'll know it's actually intentional practice!

Try out one of my literacy Blast games for FREE by clicking HERE!

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I'm Jennifer!

I’m Jennifer and I was a special educator in the elementary school setting over the past decade. I entered the classroom every day dedicated to making learning inclusive AND engaging.

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