I can honestly say that I never dreamed of naming a blogpost Chunk and Chew!



This post is my update as promised! 
Thank you for the suggestions in your comments!

My professional development session has evolved since writing that post, however, and it will no longer focus on intervention strategies. Instead I will be identifying the main primary disabilities we see in our school’s student population and the implications for the learning environment.

I still wanted to offer a “bank” of intervention strategies that could be used in any teaching situation. As I was perusing through all my workshop notes and handouts, I rediscovered a gem from a dynamic group of educators from 

This group approached differentiation at the “chunk” (presentation), “chew” (processing the information), and “check” (assessment). I’m not sure why, but there’s something about the words “chunk” and “chew” that just makes me cringe a little. But as I continued researching for my presentation, I kept coming back to them. And if I find them catchy, imagine what our little ones will think!

From my readings, the underlying assumption is that we “chunk, chew, check” and then move on. Possibly we reteach (“chunk”) and then check again. Or even worse…only chunk & check!

The ideas is that learners will benefit from  alternating “chunk, chew, chunk, chew…then check.”  The “chewing” time is when our students internalize the information and “lock in learning.”

As a follow-up to my session, I’m briefly offering strategies at each stage and then providing a reference handout.

Click HERE to download your copy!


Interested in more intervention strategies?

This reference guide provides a quick at-a-glance list of differentiation tips organized by category – literacy, math, writing, test preparation, and behavior support.

Click the picture for a closer look!

Which strategy will you try first?

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