Apple, apples, everywhere…including the special education classroom setting!

This is a round-up post on how we celebrate “Apple Week,” except… we don't actually celebrate for a week. Instead we sprinkle some fun and delicious apple learning into our everyday resource room activities.

Apple Read Aloud Books

All good classroom celebrations should include festive read alouds!

Here are our apple favorites (the following books include affiliate links):

Apple for Everyone by Jill Esbaum

If you only have time to read one apple book, THIS IS IT! It's absolutely gorgeous and my first grade students were mesmerized! Expect lots of lightbulb connections and chatter about favorite apples.

Apples by Gail Gibbons

Real teaching confession: we pick and choose pages from Gail Gibbons books. I don't think we've ever gotten through a book from start to finish. They are so packed full of information, so this would a great book to use to kick off some apple writing!

Apple and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell

We don't actually this book as a read aloud, but instead for small groups. The text is more accessible with high frequency (“sight”) words and repeated patterns. It's perfect for K-2 early readers!

Apple Activities in the Special Education Setting

Mini Eraser Apple Math

This set is FULL of fun hands-on activities for early math learning AND grabbing a quick assessment data point for counting, comparing, and number identification.

NWEA Sight Words

Get out the green and red bingo daubers (or any apple stickers, pom poms, whatever fun manipulatives you have) and “read and cover” sight words.

Number Bonds

More math fun! This is the perfect follow-up for the Mini Eraser Apple Math collection. students will compose and decompose with these seasonal number bond centers.

Behavior Poems

Behavior + Poems? Not just any children's poems, but COUNTING poems. There are ten in this set including Five Red Apples. This positive behavior reinforcement as students “earn” apples while working towards an incentive.

Read and Find Sight Words

More sight word practice, but this time with apple flashcards. Students will read each “tricky word” and pick the card up. This game is over when students find the hidden card – super fun and great practice!

Learn more about each apple activity by clicking the links above or pictures below:

I can't wait to hear about your students' apple learning!

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