Welcome to the Task Box Dollar Club – your new co-teaching partner! 

Are you looking for a straightforward, efficient way to boost your students' independence and life skills in a special education setting? The Task Box Dollar Club is your answer.

Designed to be a practical, time-saving solution for busy educators like you, this task box membership simplifies teaching while boosting students' independence, fine motor skills, and more, with minimal prep work. 

Explore how this can be a game-changer in the special education classroom setting!

Task Box System: Your Effortless Teaching Partner 

The Task Box Dollar Club is a lineup of ready-to-use independent work systems. It's all about making life easier for you and fostering independence in special needs students. These task boxes cover a range of skills from basic literacy to social emotional learning, all tailored to your students' individual levels. 

Task Box System: Independence and Skills Development Made Easy 

In the heart of the task box membership lies a comprehensive range of task boxes, each an engagement booster. These boxes are not just about teaching basic skills; they're about nurturing a variety of skills in special education students. From early literacy to math, each box is filled with task cards designed for individual activities, tailored to each student's independent level.

Why Task Box Dollar Club is a Must-Have 

Joining the Task Box Dollar Club means access to a variety of work task boxes that enhance independent skills without the extra prep. Whether you have different grade levels or varied IEP goals, there's a wide variety of tasks to meet all your needs. It’s learning made efficient and effective.

Tailored to Your Classroom Needs 

Every student is unique. That's why these tasks, from pom pom sorting to engaging literacy activities, are customizable to your students' needs and preferences. It's about making your resource room the perfect place for learning with activities that resonate with each learner.

A World of Independent Work Tasks at Your Fingertips 

The task box library membership includes sets are diverse, covering everything from fine motor skills to math activities. Perfect for small groups or solo work, these boxes are designed to keep your students engaged and learning at their pace. Plus, with new tasks regularly added, there’s always something fresh and exciting.

Beyond Just Tasks

Joining the Task Box Dollar Club means joining a community. New club members share great ideas, learn about new subjects, and get support from fellow educators. With our easy-to-navigate system and welcoming community, you're not just getting resources; you're becoming part of a support network. The membership also provides all the supports to set up your independent work stations, from visual supports to data tracking pages. 

The Task Box Dollar Club isn't just a collection of resources; it's a solution for busy special educators looking to provide their students with the best independent learning experiences. From self-contained classrooms to individual workstations, this club has everything you need to see progress with your own eyes. 

Welcome to the Task Box Dollar Club – where every educator finds the perfect tool for success.

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