Ideas for Resource Room Set-Up

It may be a bit early to think about resource room set-up… hopefully you're reading this blogpost from your mobile device while chilling on vacation, or your couch, or at least somewhere besides school. 

In fact, I'd really prefer that you simply bookmark or pin this page to read when you're ready.

Our summer break just started this week, so how can I already be thinking about my resource room set-up?

That's easy to answer! On the day before we said goodbye to our students, I received the EXCITING news that I'll have an ENTIRE RESOURCE ROOM for just my students next year!

This is HUGE news, especially given my history of offering special education services and intervention “on-the-go” over the years…


I have taught in a hallways, cafeterias, and teacher workrooms…and we are always able to get the job done.

BUT my own resource room…just think of the possibilities for my students!

This past year, I had somewhat “taken-over” my corner of the shared space and I felt the set-up really worked for my first grade intervention groups:

Resource Room Set-Up
Resource Room Set-Up

Resource Room Must-Haves

Clear Bins – these plastic boxes from Ikea are easy to access and maintain, plus they have mix and match lids.

Shelves – I also set-up plastic shelving (Home Depot or Lowes) to keep everything off the floor and organized.

Our school has generations of mice and this classroom set-up helps me keep everything clean and “off-limits” (I hope) to our furry occupants.

Classroom Carpet – The rug is from Amazon and it is the BEST rug! This is my third try at a black and white rug and it's a winner! My criteria…thick enough so it doesn't feel like we're sitting on cold cement and stays in one place!

UPDATE: During the school year, we also added this rug's younger sibling (same design, smaller size) for our library area.

This past year, my students and I also scored THREE tables and an easel! I was thrilled and we put it to good use:

Positively Learning Classroom Setup Resource Room

This photo is from last year – over the previous six years, I've gathered quite a few teaching tools. Technically, I'm probably “done” with my resource room set-up. Now the trick will be setting up the ENTIRE room for my first graders!

I'm really hoping to avoid spending major money on my classroom, but I did make two “small” purchases already. First I purchased a smaller version of my favorite rug (you can check it out here). I have ideas to use this rug to designate a cozy reading corner!

I also purchased chalkboard paint and accomplished this on the last day of school!

Positively Learning Blog Resource Room Chalkboard


That's three layers of chalkboard covering up DECADES of whiteboard writing. Our school is an old high school and I swear there's still algebra permanently etched into the boards. This is where I display my word wall…I'm excited to see how the word cards “pop” against the black background.

My third score was FREE – I traded chairs with the science teacher and now my resource room will feature twelve MATCHING yellow chairs! So much better than the blue, tan, green color-scheme I had last year, lol.

I can't wait to show off finished pictures, but I'm not trying to rush summer break for you. Stay tuned!

I'm gathering the black and white printables I'm using and created a classroom organization decor kit:

Which classroom idea are you going to try out first?

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