Self-Care for Teachers

Practice self-care during the school day – healthy exercise tips to get students (and yourself) moving! Fun for brain breaks with printable and screen options.


Self-Care for Teachers


Looking for more ways to practice teacher self-care and stay healthy during the school year?

We know how important movement is for our students AND we spend so much time at school. This packet is FULL of ideas on how to combine healthy tips and movement to have our best school year yet while providing a positive model for our students.

This packet includes suggestions for over 75 exercises that can be easily incorporated into brain breaks, or “circuits,” throughout the day using no additional equipment. 24 printable circuits are included, but there's flexibility to individualize your own exercise fitness plan, too!

There are several options for using visuals to support exercise :brain breaks,” including text cards, picture visuals, and screen slides (display on Smartboard or t.v.).

I've been incorporating these tips the past few years in my own classroom and I'm so excited to share them with you! These exercises are quick and easy to incorporate and add fitness and energy to your busy school day!

Healthy Teachers – Friendly Feedback:

“‘I'm excited about this! I really have a hard time fitting it exercise when I get home in the evenings but this will be a great way for me to do it during the day! My kids love movement and I know they'll enjoy it too!”

“Easy Prep, easy to use. So important to move often throughout the day!”

“This was perfect for my classroom! I highly recommend it.. thank you!!”

“I love how this resource helps us get moving in creative ways during the day. Thank you!”



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Healthy Classroom Exercises Preview

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