Secret Code CVC Words

100 “Secret Code” CVC words for your student detectives to solve! There are 200 PowerPoint slides – one with the secret code to solve followed by the revealed answer!


Secret Code CVC Words


Secret Code slides that can be displayed for whole or small group phonics practice.

Included are PowerPoint presentation slides featuring 100 CVC words:
  • 20 Short A words
  • 20 Short E words
  • 20 Short I words
  • 20 Short O words
  • 20 Short U words
There are two slides for each word (200 slides total). The first slide features the secret code and the second slide features the secret code with the revealed answer.
What's the Secret Code?
The secret code refers to using picture clues for sounds. For example, students will see a slide with a picture of a bee, umbrella, and sun. Using the picture clues, they will solve the secret code – bus.
Students can answer verbally or write their answers on white boards with dry erase markers. The second slide for each word can be used for students to check their “sleuth” skills!
Each slide features a secured png graphic – this makes it easy to reorder or delete a slide to make a customized presentation to meet YOUR students' needs. Mix and Match with my all of my other Screen Slides for differentiation!
There are 100 words included, but I usually only focus on 4-6 per class as a warm-up or part of a phonics lesson. We also use these screen slides as warm-ups or cool-downs during Guided Reading, word study, and intervention groups.

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Secret Code Preview

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