Phonics Placemats

Learning at the kitchen table? Add these visual phonics placemats to your small groups OR use at home. There are 15 mats focusing on alphabet letters and sounds, digraphs, and blends.



Add phonics placemats to keep the learning going at the kitchen table!

Phonics Placemat Learning was intended for small group and home use.

15 visual learning mats feature K-1 phonics skills including:

  • Alphabet (letter recognition and corresponding letter sounds) – 2 formats
  • Initial Digraphs (ch, sh, th, wh, ph)
  • Initial Blends (l-blends, r-blends, s-blends)
  • I Spy Digraphs (1 placemat)
  • I Spy Blends (3 placemats)
  • I Spy Alphabet (4 placemats)
  • Word Lists

Phonics Placemats – Ideas for Use:

  • Ask child to identify sounds (in alphabetical order, out of order, initial sounds from child’s name, etc.).
  • Provide a sound and have child identify (by pointing) the corresponding letter.
  • Use the list of words provided to play “I Spy” for the digraphs, blends, and alphabet mats.
  • Ask child to find a picture/word that starts with F, G, H…
  • Have child ask YOU to find a picture/word with a specific beginning sound. Have them check your work to see if you’re correct.
  • Extensions – identify words that rhyme, words with the same ending sound, words with 1, 2, or 3 syllables.

These learning mats may be printed and inserted double-sided into a plastic sleeve for durability. Print in full color or save ink by printing the black and white low-ink option on colored paper or cardstock.

Idea: skip the placemat and use these pages for coloring – students will color in each picture visual as the skill is mastered. A great visual tracking tool!

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