Fine Motor Practice Binder

A HUGE Fine Motor Skills resource that will can be used in at home, in centers, for morning work, and even indoor recess!



Fine Motor Activities Practice Binder with 1500+ printable pages!

Looking for simple, yet effective ways to incorporate fine motor development activities at home and school?

This year I have been working with our occupational therapist during our Guided Reading block to support our first graders. I have learned so much about turning our literacy word work into developmentally appropriate activities! It has had a tremendously positive impact on my students' progress in both academics and fine motor, but don't tell them…they are too busy “playing!”

I have been using fine motor centers, but was looking for ways to reach even more learners. The result is this Fine Motor Brain Binder with 1500 pages!

Teachers have the BEST ideas – check out this friendly feedback for the Fine Motor Skill Activities Binder:

  • I have incorporated this into our morning meeting that we do on our smartboard and the kids love it, they all want a turn.
  • Normally I do communal morning tubs with my students and I was struggling to find something that would work as a substitute so I am not spending as much time cleaning as teaching after the school day is done. This was the perfect answer!
  • Awesome resource for practicing fine motor skills. Used this for morning tubs and when we had a fine motor station during writing.
  • I teach high school students with severe and profound disabilities. I used this packet as part of the weekly items mailed home to my students weekly. As each of my students have different levels of ability, it is always helpful to find packets that I can adapt for my students
  • This provides lots of different resources for fine motor skills. It is extremely easy to use and the students like the activities.

Skills and learning activities included in this file are:

  • Tracing Letters, Pictures, and Paths
  • “Pinning” Practice
  • Cutting Practice
  • Tangram Pages
  • Snap Cube Pages
  • Pattern Block Alphabet
  • Stringing Beads
  • Stamping CVC Words
  • Dough Pictures, Numbers, and Alphabet
  • Puzzles for Cut and Paste
  • Manipulative Learning Mats
  • Q-Tip Painting Alphabet
  • Racecar Paths
  • Typing Practice Pages
  • Wikki Stix Pages
  • Connect the Dots
  • Numbers 1-10
  • Bingo Dabbers
  • ASL/Fingerspell
  • Hole-Punch/Lacing Cards
  • and MORE!

This file is HUGE! You will receive a zipfile with 34 packets divided by skill or manipulative. Many pages are open-ended and can be used for more than one fine motor practice skill – this was intentional so you can easily substitute with manipulatives you already have.

10 Binder Covers are also included.

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Fine Motor Binder Preview

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