CoTeacher Special Education Binder

Inclusion CoTeachers – these pages are designed to save you time and stay organized in the coteaching special education classroom setting!


CoTeacher Special Education Binder


Special Education Co-Teaching: A Guide for Special Educators

Inclusion Coteachers, here's a guide to get your teaching partnership up running quickly and smoothlyCoteaching is an inclusive model of teaching that allows special educators to share the classroom with a general educator.

The editable pages are designed to empower special educators by learning about the coteaching models, getting ready to share classroom duties, communication, and planning for lessons.

These pages are ALREADY INCLUDED in the huge money-saving bundle for BUSY special educators: Special Educators Resource Room Bundle

This set includes ready to print pages (pdf) and a link to EDITABLE teacher templates (with a free Canva account). Customize each page to meet your needs and then reuse the pages every school year!

Included in the Inclusion Binder for Coteachers:

  • Coteaching Models
  • Coteaching Partnership
  • Coteaching Plan of Action
  • Coteaching Checklist
  • Coteaching To Do Lists
  • Coteaching Lesson Plans
  • Class List
  • Contact Log
  • Accommodations
  • Attendance Tracker
  • Communication Logs
  • Service Tracker
  • Student Consultation
  • Data Tracking
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Assessment Tracker
  • Meeting Notes
  • Meet the Coteachers
  • Binder Covers

Use every year – edit the content, text colors, and styles using a free Canva account.

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