We are adding new favorite picture books to our list!

It's been a busy week of learning here, but we always manage to fit in a read aloud. Here are our four new favorite books from the week:

Lacey Walker, Non-Stop Talker

“Class, let's pause here to make a text-to-self connection with the title.”

But seriously!

Lacey Walker, Non-Stop Talker by Christianne Jones is a FANTASTIC book!

I borrowed it last year for my Lunch Buddies Social Skills group and just knew I had to purchase my own copy for our class library. My students definitely understood the message and loved the cute owl characters.

This picture book will be a first-grade-favorite for a LONG time!

You Get What You Get

“You get what you get and you don't get upset!”

There are many variations of that saying and they all work well with first graders. My students absolutely LOVED the main character who threw tantrums (or at least wanted to).

You Get What You Get by Julie Gassman is a great picture book for the beginning of the school year or any time your class may need a reminder.

There's a lesson planning guide using this favorite picture book in my Restorative Practice Circles resource.

Scaredy Squirrel

We also read Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt and did a quick character analysis of this anxious little guy.  This was my first time reading this book aloud and it's really cute, however many of the little sidebar text and captions appeared to fly right past my first graders. I definitely need to research some new ways to bring this story to life for next time!

It still made our favorite book list because of the relatable character and adorable illustrations. My students were cheering for Scaredy Squirrel!


Saving the best for last…Stellaluna by Janell Cannon is one of my personal favorites to read aloud every school year.

I originally had this planned for October to go along with our spooky bats theme, but I got all caught up in the first day of autumn.

My students loved every single word – such a wonderful teaching moment! You can read more about our reading adventures with Stellaluna HERE.

If you're looking for a cute hands-on Stellaluna activity, check THIS out!

Did any of your favorite picture books make our list?

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