These read aloud books and activities are perfect for Easter!


Happy Spring and Almost-Easter! We still have two weeks until Spring Break, so I’m bringing out our favorite Easter books and activities to power through.

Easter always seems to arrive in a hurry in my classroom. We just finished St. Patrick’s Day, welcomed the first day of spring, as well as wrapped up Quarter 3 with testing. All of a sudden we only have two weeks left to add a little bunny fun before our week-long Spring Break.

Here’s what we’ve been up to…

My reading intervention book is enjoying our very first chapter book! This is the first book in the series featuring Zoey and Sassafras (affiliate link):

Dragons and Marshmallows (Zoey and Sassafras)

I cannot say enough good things about this book!  Zoey has already become a heroine among my students and we can’t wait to follow her adventures with two more books.

Last week, we learned about the scientific method in Dragons and Marshmallows and this week, we decided to try it out on our own:

We used our new scientific journals (just like Zoey!) and will be capturing our jelly bean observations throughout the week. Stay tuned to see our results!

Quick note of advice: I created a journal to last the entire week, but I’ve already noticed – these jelly beans are most likely NOT going to make it through the week. My prediction? We will be documenting that all we have left by Friday are cups of colored water!

About once a week, we are take a break from Zoey and being scientists to enjoy an Easter-themed read aloud.

Here are the books we are reading to go along with our Easter activities:

Last year was my first year reading The Easter Bunny’s Assistant and I have to admit, I wasn’t super impressed.

But this year? My students LOVED the read aloud!

Like begged-me-to-read-it-again loved.

I’m not sure what that says about this year’s group, lol. I also found this adorable youtube video from Mrs. Clark for an engaging follow-up.

Nobunny’s Perfect by Anna Dewdney is a cute and simple read aloud that provides a nice reminder that we all make mistakes (a little bunny-growth-mindset):

And of course, we read about the “Old Lady” – she's like an old family friend in our resource room! Story vocabulary cards, sight words, and of course, Easter Eggs are added to our sensory bin for more hands-on learning:

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick!

Looking for more Easter learning for the resource room?

Click HERE to read about more Easter classroom activities. 


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