Does Extended School Year have you stumped?

Here are some easy-to-implement ESY ideas for K-2 to help you out!

The main content areas for Extended School Year (ESY) are divided into the following “blocks”

Early Math Skills

  • Fact Fluency Add and/or Subtract (differentiated levels within)
  • Paired with Fact Fluency Digital Task Cards (6 leveled sets)
  • Math Practice Pages – summer theme

Early Literacy Skills – Phonics

  • Phonics Games – text cards for small group games or use in centers for word building
  • Phonics Practice Pages – summer theme
  • Phonics Decoding (and Fluency) Digital Task Cards

Early Literacy Skills – ELA/Writing

  • Sentence Editing Pages – handwriting, phonics, grammar
  • Summer Pages – writing prompt, grammar skills

Early Literacy Skills – Sight Words

  • Digital Task Cards – words in context, sight word recognition
  • Fine Motor – Fry Sight Words with playdough (centers
  • Fry Word Worksheet Pages

Social Emotional Learning

  • Digital Social Stories (Boom Learning cards with audio)

Check out these low-prep materials HERE.

There's probably WAY MORE than you'll need for Extended School Year, but I think it's important to have differentiated options. These resources are also designed to be FLEXIBLE with print and digital formats to target similar skills.

ESY can be such an important time for young students and I thank you for providing such high service!

You're doing important work ♥️

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