Pacing Boards Visuals

Learn how pacing boards offered more support (and engagement) in small reading groups! We used them with decodable sentences for extra practice.


Pacing Boards Visuals


Pacing Boards Visuals to support language – 30 sentences and 5 pacing board designs. Use these in your small groups or with individual students working on decreasing rate (speech).

This printable packet features visual tools to support your students' language skills:

30 sentence task cards with visuals (tracking)
3-, 4-, 5-word sentences
15 Pacing Board Options
5 color-coded designs
In my first grade inclusion instruction, my students often began the school year offering one or two word answers (or ZERO!). I continually modeled and provided opportunities to answer questions with a complete sentence.

One year, I worked with a student who really benefitted from using a pacing board. He pointed to each image as he spoke each word. This helped his speech sound much more legible and he was not omitting word as often. He was especially proud of his progress and wanted to show his teammates this colorful tool!

Soon, I was fielding requests from several six year olds for their own pacing boards! I’m not a speech language pathologist, but I sought out guidance at our school and received the go ahead that it would not impede any progress (in fact, quite the opposite).

Fast forward to the end of the school year…I was thrilled with ALL of my students’ answers and language expression. Whether the pacing boards provided visual support or if it was simply an engagement tool, I definitely recommend trying it out. I always kept several sets at my small group table!

Important: the pages in this packet use color-coding (color printer) and are not editable.



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