Math Test Prep Practice Cards

Do your students KNOW the math skills, but still miss them on the test? Add these test prep task cards to help them show what they know!


Math Test Prep Practice Cards


Does your school use NWEA MAP testing to assess student growth?

This is a huge set of test prep practice cards aligned with the Primary Math test.

This MEGA set of math task cards feature concepts aligned with the learning continuum and RIT bands used by NWEA. Print out half-page cards OR full page to use as worksheets.

Use this pack of half-page task cards to support all first grade students, as well as provide rigorous practice for kindergarten and intervention skills for second grade.

These black and white (for easy printing) cards can be used in the following ways:

  • Activating prior knowledge before a lesson
  • Check for understanding during guided practice
  • “Show what they know!” exit cards (our favorite!)

Divide the 542 cards onto several book rings to make the learning portable! I printed the packet once and created multiple learning sets organized by RIT band.

These half-pages would also work with daily math journals and/or early finishers!

How do these math task cards help with test prep?

I created these cards after observing a specific need with my own students: many children KNEW the math concepts, yet were confused by the LANGUAGE of the test. Their results were often a reflection of their language skills, rather than their math knowledge. By practicing with these cards, they learned important skills such as listening for key words and understanding what the question was asking.

Please Note: The RIT bands included in this set of math cards are 131-190+ – the majority of the cards fall between 140-170.

Answer Key included!

Friendly Feedback from Teachers:

“I used this resource for my struggling kiddos and it worked wonders! I printed and put into a binder, which was super easy to pull someone for a quick 5 minute meeting. I also liked how the design was super simple and it wasn't distracting for my students that had a hard time following along.”

“I love the differentiation and how the wording is similar to the NWEA testing. My students love doing these activities on their whiteboards during small group enrichment time.”

“This was a great review for my class. Our MAP scores soared. “

“This was so helpful for review just before our spring MAP testing. Also great to see where I had gaps in teaching, or the specific wording that NWEA uses that our curriculum resources differ. So helpful to see the RIT ranges as well.”

“This has been wonderful practice for those students that need test taking skills as well as how to answer certain questions on MAP. Thank you!”



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Math Test Prep Preview


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