Digital Word Work Games

If you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your students important phonics and literacy skills, look no further than these digital word work games! This bundle includes 36 different games, each designed to teach a specific skill. And the best part is, there are two games for each skill – one holiday or seasonal game, and one all-year theme game. That way, you can mix and match to meet YOUR students’ needs! Plus, since they’re digital games, there’s no prep required – just print and go!


Digital Word Work Games


36 Ready-To-Go Digital Word Work Games and Centers

If you're looking for a way to make your small reading groups and word work independent centers more fun and engaging, look no further than this digital word work games bundle! This bundle includes 36 games, two for each phoneme/phonics skill.

There are both holiday and all-year themed games, so you can mix and match to meet YOUR students' needs.

Each digital game has 25 questions with five different question formats.

$28.50 for 36 separate games – that's less than $0.80 per game!

  1. School Syllables
  2. Butterfly Blends
  3. Bugs Medial Sounds
  4. Bunny Beginning Sounds
  5. Easter Peeps CVC Words
  6. Ice Cream Segmentation
  7. Bubbles Rhyming
  8. Bounce House Diphthongs
  9. St. Patrick's Initial Blends
  10. Summer Pool Soft C and G
  11. Spring Showers Syllables
  12. Frogs Silent E
  13. Fairy Tale Initial Sounds
  14. Buttons -ng/-nk
  15. Superheroes Vowel Teams
  16. Outer Space Soft C and G
  17. Flowers Final Sounds
  18. Graduation Final Blends
  19. At the Farm Digraphs
  20. Apples CVC Words
  21. Hot Cocoa Diphthongs
  22. New Year's Silent E
  23. Valentine Segmentation
  24. Gingerbread Medial Sounds
  25. Halloween Rhyming
  26. Snowy Day R-Controlled
  27. Pumpkins Vowel Teams
  28. Flip Flops CVCe Words
  29. Donuts Initial Blends
  30. Candy Final Blends
  31. At the Movies R-Controlled
  32. Valentine -ng/-nk
  33. Spooky CVC Words
  34. Christmas Blends
  35. Fall Final Sounds
  36. Thanksgiving Digraphs


Friendly Feedback for Google Slides Word Work Games:

  • “These games were engaging for my students. I love providing them the opportunity to practice skills during workstations using technology.”
  • “As a SPED Inclusion teacher this year in first grade, and now as an ESY teacher for K-2, I have a range of students in my class this year with varying learning gaps and needs. I need both new materials as well as things that would be easy to use and helpful in keeping my learners engaged, and appropriate for my special learners. Virtually these resources need to meet many needs. This resource is perfect for all of my students. I love being able to assign something knowing I have chosen the best activity for each student. Thank you for providing a resource that can handle my diverse expectations. Another helpful and useful product.”



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