Happy Valentine's Day!

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Holidays are such a fun time in a first grade classroom, however, our curriculum doesn't anticipate sugar-highs and sweets-obsessed behaviors when planning the scope and sequence, lol.

In other words, the show must go on…even during Valentine's Day, Halloween, full moons, etc.!

Over the years, I've gotten pretty creative in combining holiday fun AND the important learning we are focusing on.

The result? I'll let the pictures explain it!

This “smitten” theme is the February version of our favorite game “Blast!” This game NEVER gets old with my firsties and these graphics lend themselves to extra SWEET fun!

The entire Blast bundle features cards focused on literacy skills that move along our learning continuum:

  • Letter identification
  • Letter-sound correspondence
  • CVC decoding
  • CVCe decoding
  • Sight words

By February, we are differentiating the game by using the CVC word cards in one of my groups and CVCe words in the other. The sight word cards were added to independent literacy centers (yay!) and the alphabet letter cards stayed safely tucked away in storage (thank goodness, we're past it!).

Another activity for sight words is the NWEA MAP Testing Primary Reading colorful sight word pages. There are six pages to choose from for each of the six themes (whole or small groups can use the same page or mix it up), plus blank templates to customize.

Add bingo dabbers or crayons and the activity is ready to PLAY!

Of course, there are so many sweet read aloud books for Valentine's Day, too!

I shared a few of our favorites last year in this post:

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