What's on your summer reading list?

Positively Learning Blog Summer Reading

If you look closely at the picture above, you'll be able to read the titles of my FOUR grad courses.

I'm really not trying to gain sympathy, but what on earth was I thinking?

I signed up for these courses on the LAST WEEK of school. Clearly, I wasn't thinking straight!

I'm happy to report, they are done! I also picked up so many new ideas to try out when I return to the classroom.

In the first three weeks of break, I've also squeezed in a family trip to Ohio, cleaned out my basement and closets, and wrapped up a few teaching materials tasks.

All fueled by sunshine and a little help:

Positively Learning Blog Summer Reading
Positively Learning Blog Summer Reading
Positively Learning Blog Summer Reading
My first NITRO coffee!

I could have titled this post “Summer Drinking,” but I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea!

Today kicks off “Appointment Week” which unfortunately runs a bit into next week, too.

What have you been busy with this summer?

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I'm Jennifer!

I’m Jennifer and I was a special educator in the elementary school setting over the past decade. I entered the classroom every day dedicated to making learning inclusive AND engaging.

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