Ideas for Summer Packets

How many days do you have until the summer break?

My students are getting ready for a two month break from school. Lately, I’ve felt blown away by all the progress they've been making recently. It seems like everyone is going through a huge growth spurt since spring break. I’m not sure what’s going on…but I like it!

 So although I have a countdown for summer break to get my personal life back on track, it’s feels bittersweet to say goodbye to my students for the summer!


Summer Packets: Yay or Nay?

At my school, we offer homework summer packets by request. I'm not sure how many packets general educators make, but I do get quite a few requests from families on my caseload.

To create the summer packets, I print this huge set and run copies double-sided on colorful paper. I like to add extra materials (flashcards, matching card games, puzzles, etc.) and, even better, let my students choose a few favorites. I present it as a “gift” to my students and they love it (or at least, they seem excited!).

The Summer Packet 1st to 2nd set is perfect for students who performed mostly on grade level throughout first grade. This is great for summer practice to prepare for second grade.

Students needing extra reinforcement of first grade skills may receive pages from my Sentence Editing (practice with phonics reading and simple sentence editing) and Number of the Day 1st Grade. Some students will receive a mix and match of both!

There's two summer practice pages waiting for you in the “free-sources” library:

  This blogpost was originally published in May 2012. I've been spending time going back and giving older posts a mini-makeover. I thought this post was a great one to share again. 

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