Looking for some new ways to liven up sight word practice? This is an INCREDIBLE sight word game I learned from a colleague…”Slap!”  The original game is actually called “Stomp!” but one of my little guys can’t fully participate, so we adapted it.

sight word game

Slap! - How to Play

Grab your favorite set of flashcards  display 4-6 (depending on group, concept, or level) cards face up on the floor or table. The teacher calls out one of the cards to “slap,” i.e.: “Slap the word ‘like’!” and whoever gets their little hand there first “wins” and moves on to the next round.

These flashcards are part of the Read It, Write It, Find It practice set – they are also included in the Sight Word Club.

It's a good idea to keep the turns moving as fast as possible.  The game goes around to all the players in the small group, similar to “Around the World.”

Feel free to substitute other task cards (math, phonics, you-name-it…) for more engaging practice. This game is terrific for small group warm-ups and cool-downs. 

More Sight Word Fun!

Looking for more sight word games? Check out the Sight Word Club – there's a huge library of resources inside the club, plus new additions every month! 

What's your favorite sight word game?

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