Quick Special Education Organization Tips!

Do you love the idea of a new teacher planner or crossing items off your to-do list? Maybe it's the idea of trying a new organization system because THIS is going to be “the one” – the system that's finally going to tackle those stacks of sticky notes and piles of paperwork.

Wish or Plan? Why not both?

For getting on top of those to do lists, I've been trying out Google Keep and I LOVE IT!

Google Keep can be used as an i-phone app or on your desktop (extension) – in fact, I highly recommend using BOTH options! It's so easy to add notes on-the-go using your phone and then having everything available right there when you sit down to tackle your list. 

Another To Do List?

Absolutely NOT! Google Keep can be used for to “keep” (get it?) all your to do lists together in one organized place, BUT there's so much more you can do with it…

Think of Google Keep as the “keeper” (yup, I went there) of all the lists AND links you need to access frequently. Say goodbye to searching your laptop with fingers crossed!

One way to utilize Google Keep is to create categories. I've made a list and a set of “images” to make this so much easier (and colorful). 



Once you click on a category, you can add lists, check boxes (my favorite), images, and LINKS. 

Imagine clicking on “Schedules” and then seeing a list of students with links to their individual services! Or maybe it's a list of website links that you often frequent with username notes. IEP Paperwork due dates? Observation Notes? The possibilities are endless!

Special Education Organization Lists

Here's a list of what's included in the set of Google Keep Image Headers:

  • IEP Meeting Due Dates
  • IEP Paperwork
  • Communication Log
  • Contact List – School
  • Contact List – Families
  • Caseload Roster
  • Small Groups
  • Assessments Reports
  • Assessments To Do
  • Passwords/User Names
  • Website Links
  • Video Links
  • Disability Codes
  • Scheduling Links
  • Important Dates
  • Team Meetings
  • PLC Meetings
  • Paraprofessionals
  • Data Collection
  • Ideas – Notes
  • To Do – Lists
  • Filing – To Do
  • Emails – To Do
  • Calls – To Do
  • Prep – To Do
  • Copies – To Do
  • Grading – To Do
  • Planning – To Do
  • Observation Notes
  • Indirect Consultations
  • Third Party Billing
  • Days of the Week (7)
  • Months of the Year (12)

Watch the quick video tutorial on how to use the image headers and get started with special education organization!

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