It's that time of year again! The leaves are changing, the air is getting cooler, and Halloween is just around the corner. If you're a special education teacher, you may be wondering how you can include some Halloween fun in your classroom while still accommodating all of your students' needs. Well, wonder no more! Here are easy and fun ways to celebrate Halloween in the special education classroom.

If you're a teacher and the idea of spider crafts, Halloween games, and classroom party leaves you scratching your head (how will we ever fit it all in?!?) – this blog post is for YOU!

Here are some simple Halloween upgrades you can add to everyday routines in the special education setting:

Morning Work – Independent Work

Every special educator knows that routine is the magic word! These Halloween-themed pages come from a packet of 300 (!!!) independent work pages – they are perfect for fine motor skills and a little bit academics (early math skills, letter recognition, and more). The set is designed to be used throughout the entire school year, but a bit of holiday fun also got tucked in!

Halloween Sensory Path

Ready to go on a Halloween walk? These cards have a fun Halloween theme and can be mix and match with the 500 cards in the Sensory Walk Path set. If you're looking for more sensory play, be sure to keep reading about the sensory bins and task cards for math and literacy activities.

Fine Motor Task Boxes for Halloween

More independent work? You may be noticing a theme… these individual student task boxes incorporates easy Halloween activities with visual discrimination and fine motor. The best part? Students LOVE them!

Halloween Themed Positive Behavior Charts

“I can reach my goals” is the theme for this year-long set of positive classroom management visuals. Kids of all ages will benefit from the visual trackers that will celebrate their good choices all Halloween season.

Positive Sticky Notes

The BIG question is – will you be giving these positive sticky notes to your students or colleagues? These quick-print notes are the perfect way to say Boo! and maybe even leave a Halloween treat! This huge set of sticky notes featuring “anytime” notes, plus a page for all the school holidays.

Special Educator Planning Pages for October

It's okay for YOU to have Halloween fun, too! This set of recording sheets feature those must-have planning pages we're already using but this time they have a classic Halloween theme. There are 22 pages for October (plus a ton of extras for all year), including this Small Group Planning Page:

Halloween is a great opportunity to have some fun in the special education classroom while still accommodating all of your students' needs. If you're looking for more Halloween educational activities, be sure to click on the posts below!

Hands-on Halloween Ideas for Small Math Groups

Spooky ideas for your guided math groups and centers! Read on to learn how we added frightful fun into our math rotations.

Literacy Intervention Ideas for Halloween

Festive fun for fall and Halloween with a focus on early literacy! Add these autumn activities to your small reading groups and centers.

Wishing you a very happy Halloween!

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