Guided Math is definitely getting spooky around here!

Positively Learning Guided Math

Specifically between 10:15-11:30… when my co-teacher and I tackle Guided Math rotations!

Our first graders use the curriculum from Eureka Math (Engage NY). It's our 3rd year and I just now feel like we are getting the hang of it.

We have 26 students divided them into three math groups:
  • Group 1 (10 students)
  • Group 2 (10 students)
  • Group 3 (6 students with IEP goals and objectives).

Here's our Guided Math rotation:

Positively Learning Guided Math

The Problem Set is our written “Show What You Know” component after our Concept Development. So far, this rotation has had a positive impact on Group 2 – our “bubble” students hovering around the 60-75% line. We are trying to push them move above 80% and they are SO close!

I plan Group 2 to work on the previously day's lesson…using many of the additional materials from Eureka and/or creating my own. As I check for understanding with all ten students, I began pairing up the early finishers with a hands-on task…this is where guided math begins to get SPOOKY!

I've been posting a few of these math photos on Positively Learning Instagram:

Positively Learning Guided Math

Number bonds with mini-pumpkin manipulatives.

Positively Learning Guided Math

Counting on with witch fingers!

I also have more “creepy” and “cranky” hands-on math task cards included in our Halloween-themed sensory bins:

Halloween Math Centers

Do you use a Guided Math model in your classroom?
I'd love to hear what works for you and your students!

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