Have you tried digital word work centers in your classroom?

Maybe you've found an activity that clicked for your students or maybe you're still looking. What if you could have an entire series of literacy word work that kept your students learning all year (and beyond)?

There were as many levels as students in my Guided Reading and reading intervention groups! Sound familiar?

We needed enough digital word work centers that could meet a wide varied of skills and levels and be engaging YET also able to be accessed independently by my first grade students.

Word Work Solutions

I didn't want to give up on finding a digital solution, so I decided to create a series of word work games! There were many important lessons learned along the way:

It's important to know exactly what role digital word work centers will play in your students' skill development. In our resource room, we used centers to apply what we've already learned (independent level).

Another idea is to “display and play” the game collaboratively in your small reading groups. If we were going to do this, we'd choose a skill at our current instructional level.

Or maybe you'll be doing a combination of both. Win-Win!

Here's the scope and sequence included in the Digital Word Work Bundle:

Each skill (left column in the picture above) has two game options – one holiday or seasonal and one non-seasonal theme to use anytime of year.

A scope and sequence that's already planned out for you will save you time – just click and play!

This is not a time to be extra, lol!

A little goes a loonnng way when choosing digital games for early readers.

Please trust me on this one.

Extra lights, sounds, drag and drop… it's just so fun, BUT it can often backfire a bit with technology limitations (in my experience) and reduce accessibility for all learners.

Check out this blogpost for more details on keeping the focus on what's important.

Saved the best for last!

I'm pretty sure you'll never hear students admit this, but they THRIVE on routines! Luckily it's pretty easy to keep routines in place even when setting up digital centers.

This bundle has 36 games that follow the exact same routine – but trust me, it never feels boring!

There are 25 questions in each set with 5 different question formats. That may not sound like a lot of variety, but it's just the right amount combined with the different skills and themes.

Each game is unique in its colorful graphics and literacy focus, yet students won't have to learn the directions over and over – they can just click and PLAY!

Here's a glimpse of the different types of questions included in the digital word work centers:

For a even closer look, check out this video walkthrough of the Superheroes Vowel Teams game!

Are you ready to save time?

This literacy bundle is designed to last throughout the K-2 scope and sequence. There are 36 games – one for each week of the school year!

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