Free daily schedule support for learning at home and school.

Change is the one thing we can count on, but that doesn't mean it's always easy to accept or adjust to. And if it's tough for us… how can we provide daily schedule support for our youngest learners?

You probably already know I LOVE a good schedule (evidence – HERE!), but if the idea of scheduling makes you cringe a bit, I totally get it!

It can almost feel like “one more thing,” right?

Daily Schedule Solution

Here's a free daily schedule is designed to be open-ended to adjust easily to whatever type of day is happening at school or home. The focus is on completion…”5 down, 5 to go.”

Completion of this visual schedule can help your family or classroom feel a sense of accomplishment – WE DID IT! Let's celebrate our success!

Whether you're supporting young children at home or students in the classroom, a visual schedule can also ease anxiety while providing motivation for upcoming activities.

Visual Schedules in Action

For example, if a less-desirable activity needs to be tackled (math facts, cleaning your room…laundry?), it can be helpful to see that after this task is accomplished, a much-preferred activity is right around the corner!

Daily Schedule Support – Everything You Need

Download the free schedule below
Paper (I like to use assorted colors)
Dry Erase Sleeve or Sheet Protector (optional)
Dry Erase Markers (optional)

That's it! Of course, you can always get fancy coloring in the pictures, too 🙂

Now it's your time to get creative! Show off your completed schedules – I'd love to see them!

Looking for more schedule support?

Be sure to check out this blogpost all about setting up individual picture schedules (a free DIY project!).

Have any questions about using visual schedules to support students at home or school? Please leave a comment below!

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