I.E.P. Snapshot Template

What needs to be included in an I.E.P. snapshot? Do I really need to make one and where do I begin?

Data Folder Organization

Special Educators – Do you use file folders for data collection? These mix and match organization tools will help keep you organized!

Communication with Students

Communication with Students – What’s the main message you are communicating with your students on a daily (even hourly) basis? Here are a few creative ideas to increase positive communication in the classroom!

Google Forms for Data Collection

Use Google Forms Quizzes for data collection! Use each self-grading quiz to track progress with IEP goals and objectives or assign to be completely independently. These student-friendly quizzes are self-grading so your data will be recorded for you!

Goal Setting with Students

Free goal setting with your Goal-Getters! This is a complete class set of goal setting sheets for K-2 students. There are two formats to support your early writers and 30 “students” to choose from!