Have you been thinking about adding sensory play to your classroom?

Maybe you've seen all those colorful, hands-on learning sensory bins, but then thought…

“How can we fit this in an already BUSY day?”

I thought the exact same thing! I just KNEW my students needed more sensory play, but when and where?

And HOW?

Free video! Have you been thinking about adding sensory bins, but not sure where to begin? I'm sharing a free video with my best tips to setting up sensory play and aligning it to learning! From Positively Learning
Click the picture to watch the video! Please sure to come back when you're done šŸ™‚

Fast forward several years… I've been working on this! I've had some huge successes (well, according to the first-grade crowd) and I also had a few flops along the way. BUT I did get it all figured out! WOOHOO!


It was very exciting to observe my students' increased engagement with both the sensory bins AND the academic content. I immediately wanted to share what I learned with EVERYONE!


I decided a video was the way to go…you can watch it HERE – it's free!


But I couldn't say it all in a video, plus I wanted to share some sensory bin printables with you!


This FREE e-book covers everything you need to get started and align classroom learning with hands-on sensory activities!

Sensory Bins in the classroom? Are you wondering about the mess? And what are the students looks like play, These are some of the same thoughts I had four years ago when I started incorporating sensory bins in the classroom! Download this free e-book to learn more about my experience and prepare for your own!

Click here for your guide!

Looking for more information on sensory bin play?

Check out this blogpost!


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Iā€™m Jennifer and I was a special educator in the elementary school setting over the past decade. I entered the classroom every day dedicated to making learning inclusive AND engaging.

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